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Learning to *Poof

Written and Illustrated by

Idris O'Neill

Faeries  must learn  the art of moving through space and time by thought alone.  One day the Wee One decided that it was the right time to perfect this special art.  The wood nymph had been practicing for days close to home and even closer to the ground.  Today it was time to go  further and if all went well, higher.

Page 2

Zip...*poof.....The Wee One landed, in a rather ungraceful manner on a cascade of flowering spirea.  “Good gracious!” She said as she held onto a small bouquet of white blossoms.   In a twinkle, she disappeared again, with a *poof.

Page 3

Zip...*poof...She next appeared, slightly annoyed, clinging to the bell flower of a lily-of-the-valley near the Dell, where Jinn lived.  A  flutter of golden wings soon righted the wood nymph.  It appeared that only her pride was wounded.

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Zip...*poof... the glimmer of golden wings appeared for an instant from the top of the ancient oaks to near the ice caves where Colin the white bear lived.   She appeared beneath the tree where Wildy Kat lay snoozing; then  in meadow where Addi the flower dragon was collecting wildflowers.  The fae also visited the top of the Magic Mountain where Unicorns could often be seen.

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 During the early morning, as the dew clung as if silver pearls to the flowers and leaves of the meadow, the faerie practiced the art of appearing here,  disappearing from there and re-appearing miles away, in the blink of  an eye.

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The Wee One got more control over her landings the more she practiced.  By  late afternoon, each time she *poofed she landed where she expected.  The fae was displeased with herself for not landing with grace and beauty.  All the day long she practiced her new skill.   By the end of the day she had mastered this magic faerie art with grace and fluidity of movement.

Page 7

“Oh, this is so much fun!  I will now be able to visit the children in Real,”
she whispered to thefire-flies twinkling in the trees. “Shhhh, you  must not tell anyone.  I’ll be right back, my friends.  I must away for just a few moments more,” she said in hushed tones.

Page 8

Each time the Wee One appeared momentarily here, there and everywhere, giggles sang out like tiny crystal wind chimes, tinkling on the gentle spring breeze.

copyright Idris O'Neill 2000

Picture of Giant Oak with Little Woods sign by Colin March



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