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The Dark Thing From Real


A heavy fog settled on the little woods.  The Wee One felt alone and frightened.  She had never seen a fog such as this and wondered when or if it would ever go away.   With trembling hands she opened the door to her cottage.  She peeked her head out quickly.  The fae took a deep breath and hurriedly closed the door.  The fog was made of anger, fear, cruelty and hate.  It frightened her.

The fae sat in her cottage surrounded by the shroud of evil and wept tears of sorrow.  Could it be that The Dark Thing from Real had decided to destroy the love that until then had filled every nook and cranny of The Little Woods?  She remembered that once before the dark thing had tried to destroy her.  That time she had begun to shrink.  I will not let you destroy me this time.  She cried.

The Wee One stopped crying and wiped her tears away with a rose petal.  She began to sing a song of love and forgiveness, her voice rising softly but strongly.  The fae knew the only thing The Dark Thing feared was love.

A loud crack like thunder shook the Faes  cottage, but still she sang.  In her minds eye she knew the castle at Tintagel now lay in ruins.  The Wee One stopped singing for a moment and reached out to touch the memory of that once beautiful  place.  She heard the evil laugh of The Dark Thing, as it moved closer to the cottage.

The Wee One smiled and knew what she must do.  There will be a more beautiful Tintagel and stone by stone, tree by tree, flower by flower it will be reborn.   I will rebuild Tintagel with love and imagination.  I am not alone!  She cried, as she flung the door open to face The Dark Thing.

The Wee One stood alone by her cottage door.  She knew other fae and other creatures of this beautiful place were singing her same songs.  They too would use imagination and love to defeat The Dark Thing.  Suddenly a horrid shriek could be heard, as the evil creature took its leave.

The fae looked up and saw the moon shining like a silver orb, in a dark velvet sky.  Thousands of stars twinkled in the vault of heaven, as if in greeting.  Tired and weary of mind the Wee One closed the door behind her softly and climbed into her walnut bed.  It was not long before the fae was asleep, snuggled in her rose petal comforter and dreaming of building a castle in the air.


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